My personal video training series to help you know all the ins and outs of being an amazing, well-paid blogger right off the bat!

As my long-time readers know, I’ve been at this blogging gig for over 8 years now (wow!!) If you want a blast from the past you can go read my very first post here (if it can even be called that…it was more of a Facebook status update, haha)! I’ve come a looonngg way since the days of a copy/paste blog design and the horridly unoriginal name of “Ramblings By Nicole”.

If you’d like to get the full story of how I started working from home and how this blog went from a “my mom only reads it” to a job, you can check out that whole progress in the post How Anyone Can Successfully Work From Home.

Because I jumped in during the “early days” I did absolutely everything the long, wrong way at first. I’m hoping to help save you learning things the hard way, so I put together these blogger-to-blogger training videos for my contributors and also for anyone else looking to pursue their dream of blogging and making an income from it!

If you have anything else feel free to request my So You Want To Be A Blogger Facebook Group, I use it to throw out all the random pieces of goodness whenever I find them!

So You Want To Be a Blogger: Getting Started

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Correction note from my web guy 😉 : Note: is the self-hosted platform, is where they don’t support ads and there are some issues when trying to make money from the site. It’s technically possible to make money through your site/ads on but it’s not clear and you have a lot of limitations when it comes to customization. is where you would get the install files to host the full version of WordPress for yourself

How Do You Make Money Blogging

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