Author: Brianne Romero

ENFP // pixie cut // amateur letterer // overthinker // cat person // wife // momma bear

“Rest.” Free Printable!

Round Three of printable art coming your way! To download this original 8.5 x 11 watercolor typography, just click “Download Rest Printable Here!” below. 🙂 Then just print from the PDF file, and go ahead and hang it on your fridge, write a message on the back for a friend, or stick it in a frame… at least until you feel rested again and don’t need the reminder anymore. 😉 What are you doing with yours?


restadDownload “Rest” Printable Here!

The inspiration behind this printable is probably pretty obvious.

This one is for the mommas and dads and caregivers and students and volunteers and career peeps and project-doers and those with physical pain, all who are so tired they can’t breathe. Or for anyone else who just needs a nap before they can tackle their day. Life in general gets so heavy sometimes! Stepping away for any time at all to relax and realign can only ever help, right? I find that even a five-minute pick-me-up rest can make a huge difference in my busy momma and pregnant girl world.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.25.35 PM

Don’t let the guilt of taking a break get to you, either! Being a good steward of the bodies given to us by God is a huge responsibility, and enables us to fulfill the needs of others. Because of course, step two after resting yourself is to get up and go let someone else rest. Honestly, we could all use the break, and don’t always know how to get it! Help someone else find their chance, trade some rest time for some rest time. Aside from the fact that this is a great way to follow Christ’s example of caring for others, helping someone else maintain their health and wellness can only give you a boost in confidence and purpose.

Please comment and let me know how you find time to take a break! Also, if you’re enjoying my printables, give me a holla! Also, follow me on Instagram here to keep track of my artistic goings-ons!


“Nothing” Free Printable Art!

Yay for round two of free art! This original lettering is super easy to get into your hot little hands– Just click “Download Printable Here!” below, and the full-size 8 1/2 x 11 printable PDF will be saved to your downloads! This can be framed in a cute, cheap frame or hung on your fridge for a visual pick-me-up in your kitchen! Can you think of other ways to use/display printable art?

Download Free Printable Here!

I don’t think I’ll even ask if you’ve ever felt this way, because I know it’s not uncommon. Lately, personal flaws, physical pain (pregnancy… gah!), and financial uncertainty have been weighing me down. Working on this lettering piece helped me dwell on the fact that all things work together for good. 🙂 I don’t have to worry that these trials and discomfort are worthless because I know that they are valuable for my learning and growing in Christ! And pregnancy?! We all know that ends well! Haha. Life is good, and I hope this art reminds you that your hard work and struggles are taking you somewhere better!


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 7.52.42 PM

Want to follow along on my art journey? …and see cute pics of my toddler, my husband, and adventures? Click the image to redirect to instagram! 🙂

Please let me know if you download this printable– and how you decide to display it!


Hello! Free Printable Watercolor


Download here: Hello! Printable

Who can say no to free art? “Hello”, my first of many free original printables, is available right now to download! Just click on “Hello! Printable” above, then click the download button at the bottom center of your screen, and feel free to print from your downloads folder any time! Prints are best on basic white card stock. You can frame this art for your wall, hang it on your fridge, or mail to a friend as your own warm greeting… Snail mail isn’t dead yet! Or shouldn’t be! 😉

I love using watercolors for my art, even lettering, which can be tricky! I’m still learning a ton every time I design something new. I thought that this particular piece of artwork would be fitting for my first post on Confident Foundation, as a warm greeting from me to you!! I’m so happy to start a new relationship with you all. Also, the bright yellow is so warm, it makes me so excited for spring! Unfortunately our Wyoming ‘spring’ currently includes multiple inches of heavy, wet snow. (*insert scowly face here*) So if you are in the same shivery boat as me, you might need this visual pick-me-up like I did. 😉

Please let me know if you’re enjoying my art! I plan on sharing new free downloads every couple of weeks, so please come back for more.



About Me: Brianne

Hey! My name is Brianne and I’m the artist behind the design of the Confident Foundation blog. I have been a fan of this blog for awhile, and I’m ecstatic to have been invited by my generous sister-in-law, Nicole, to regularly contribute! From here on out, you’ll be seeing my original art, some of my not-so-original thoughts, and maybe even the occasional product review.

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I’m a 22-year-old wife and momma with too many interests to count! The most notable include art (especially hand-lettering), Psychology (still working on getting that degree), books, music, film, exploring city and country, eating out as much as possible, feminism, body positivity, and personality typing. I absolutely adore my little family, which consists of my awesome co-adventurer husband, Ryan, and my one-year-old wolf-child, Brielle. Ryan and I both love documenting our lives (in the home and in the wild!) on Instagram as @caughtbyalion and @bylifeorbydeath. My feed is mostly my baby (because… adorable, hilarious, smart, strong and fat!) and his feed is mostly amazing nature shots of our beloved Wyoming, his home and my home-away-from-home. We are busy waiting for God’s leading about our future plans at the moment, but we’re so happy to be located in such a beautiful place for the time being.

I love learning how all of my interests play into my relationship with Jesus, and with the people He brings into my life. I’m so happy that those people now include the readers of Confident Foundation, and I can’t wait to get to know you all!