Whew–it was an adventure but we have safely arrived in Wyoming 🙂 So far we’ve encountered numerous *firsts* for Amber. Thought I’d share some of them with ya 😀

*First Flight*

To those of you who prayed for me about my flight to here–THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God really answered your prayers because Amber was amazing considering the poor baby had to travel for over 14 hours in one day :S We left Morehead around 11:15, had a 4:45 minute flight out of Raliegh to Phoneix, an hour and a half layover there, and an hour and a half flight to SLC which got in at 11 pm (1 am “our” time) She only fussed the tiniest bit though and God just worked everything out so that we had no problems through security and had a whole row to ourself on the long flight and got next to some sweet old ladies on the second flight. Everyone was just gaga over Amber and she loved all the attention. In fact she waved for the very first time to a lady who was smiling and talking to her as I was checking my bags in Raliegh and continued to wave at everyone for the rest of the day–much to the delight of many. On the second trip she even had a very attractive guy a few rows back playing peek-a-boo with her. She is such a flirt!!!! She’s a smiley baby in general but when she sees a handsome guy–particularlly in uniform–she goes all gaga and bats her eyelashes and smiles and giggles, lol!! Gotta watch out for her 😉 No–they probably just remind her of her daddy 🙂

*First time in Wyoming*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far Amber seems to love the West just as much as she should. She’s loved to see all the new sights and sounds and I’m having fun taking her all the places I grew up with and was a baby in.

*First Snow*

Yesterday it snowed! Really pretty fluffy not-very-cold, snow. 🙂 Amber was fascinated watching it fall and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when she touched it.

Among the other firsts are the first time she got to meet her great grandparents on my dad’s side, first time she was around a dog (She laughed for an hour straight at Billy, my parents beagle–it was hillarious 😀 ) first time in the church I grew up in…..on and on. 🙂 We’ve been having a wonderful time so far and it is so nice to be back *home*! Now we just need my hubby to get out here and we’ll be all set!!!

Crazy crazy CRAZY

So the title pretty much describes life lately!! We just got back from a super quick trip down to Columbia SC to see my brother-in-law Bryan graduate from Army boot camp. We had a wonderful time seeing the Elliott’s again and are so proud of Bryan and excited for his career which should promise to be super exciting from the sounds of things 🙂

For her one of her souvenirs Grandma and Grandpa Elliott got Amber a “Pee all you can Pee” Camo outfit–LoL. 🙂 This is her in it making her “war face”

In other news today is my last day in NC!! I think I’m pretty much all packed up and ready to go 🙂 other than the “last minute” stuff. I’m excited but mostly just stressed out–so please be praying for me. Flying with the baby and having everything so up in the air–not to mention now Bob’s having second thoughts on whether or not he even wants to do this :S :S is really getting to me! Ack!!! But I’m trying to be calm and just know that God is in control *takes a deep breath* I’ll try to keep everyone posted as to what’s going on, I’ll have internet access at my parents house (I’ll be staying with them till Bob comes out the end of this month and then we’ll both be staying with them till we find a place in Laramie) Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this very crazy stressful period of our lives!!!! 🙂

It’s the little things…..

Sometimes the smallest things can make such a big difference in your day. Several weeks ago I found out that I had won some perfume from a survey I filled out for Allure. I was excited about it but figured it would be some tiny little bottle but it still made me happy at the time. Those who know me know I absolutely love perfume 😀 Well I finally got it in the mail on Sunday (ok so it came Saturday but that’s the day we checked it, lol) and I was so excited when I opened it up and it was Marc Jacob’s Daisy. It’s worth $50-60 depending on where ya buy it and smells sooooooooooooooo good!! And as you can tell it’s a good size also, lol. It completely made my day!!!!

Hurricanes and Heat

Life has definately been eventfull lately although I’m not sure if that’s been a good or a bad thing!!!! We weathered out our first hurricane last night although it turned out to be a tropical storm and we didn’t get hardly any rain at all. The wind was nasty nasty all night but it only resulted in a few small pine branches in the backyard this morning and no power outages. Now it looks like Ike will not be heading in our direction so we’re very thankful for all that. Bob is working today to help clear up all the mess the storm caused but if that’s the worse thing we have to deal with I think we’ll both be thankful!

Amber is sick for the first time ever poor baby! She had a fever of 101.6 earlier today and had a runny nose yesterday. She really hasn’t seemed to be all the worse for wear considering. She’s been very cranky and not sleeping well in general lately though. Guess we got the double whammy of her being sick and teething. I’ll be thankful when she’s her happy baby self again but considering I just read on a friends blog that her 22 months old twins are still teething and not sleeping through the night because of it :S Well I guess I might have a long road ahead of me 😉 Haha.

Bob found out that his last day in the military will be December 25th, not December 1st as we had thought so that has kind of thrown a wrench in a couple of things, but we’re hoping it won’t affect anything too badly. We’re both getting quite anxious to get started on this new adventure in our life as right now it feels as if we’re just waiting around for it to happen 🙂

Much Mo Betta

Since I don’t want to leave my blog with a long ranting post 😉 Here’s an update on things in my world.

This week has been going much better!! I went into First Flight on Tuesday and they refunded the $105 worth of overage charges they cost us. They were very polite and sweet about it and apologized several time for the mess up and inconvenience….so I’m not furious at them anymore, lol. Our wonderful parents (both sets of them) were their normal wonderful selves and helped us out in our pinch *thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!* and my mom gave me a great idea about what to do to get rid of the high interest on our ring payment.

Up till this month Bob and I had never ever used a credit card. That was another thing that was freaking me out too-I know what bad news they can be!!! But then I figured that if we’re in our mid-ish 20s and this is the first time we’ve ever had to use one then we’re actually pretty well off. And as long as we’re not out buying a flat screen tv for ourselves with it I suppose I shouldn’t freak out if we need to use one to by a vacuum cleaner!!!

Amber’s been worse this week than last week, poor baby! But her 2nd toofer made it’s grand debut yesterday (after a night of being up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours screaming at the top of her lungs, poor thing :S) But now that it’s poking through she seems to be doing much much better. Last night she was only up 3 times and today she’s been in a pretty good mood.

Also we’ve been getting good news about Laramie–hurrah!! We found out that it’s only costs around $600ish per month for a 2 bed apartment 😀 Which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’m kinda bummed out about downgrading from our condo (I’ve LOVED my huge kitchen and we’ve never had less than 1.5 baths) but am totally willing to sacrifice in order for Bob to get his degree. I was worried that because of the odd timing of us moving there (middle of a semester) that we would also have a slim selection but my in-laws sent us a newspaper from Laramie and looking at the classifieds there were at least 10 places I would have been interested in looking into 🙂 So that of course is very good news!

But anyways…didn’t want to go on forever…just to let everyone know that God is good 😀 and I’m in a much better mood 😉

Here’s some pics of my cutie patootie 😀

A no good, very bad, pretty much horrible week

So it’s been quite the week and I don’t mean that at all in a good way…..where should I even begin? Monday kicked things off with a bang with Amber teething like there is no tomorrow and shots on top of that which she seemed to be a little more sensitive to this time.

Then Tuesday was the real bad day–other than today of course, but more on that later. It kicked off with Amber screaming inconsolably at the top of her lungs at 6–waking Bob up about an hour before he actually had to get up–poor guy couldn’t go back to sleep and just got up, needles to say he became a very cranky pants. He got swamped by the guys at work trying to talk him out of getting out of the Coast Guard–they pretty much convinced him that if he does we’ll land in the poor house, yeah because we’re doing so well financially now!!!! 😛 So he’s all doubting himself and worried that he’s making a terrible decision which makes me stress because I think he’s about to change his mind yet again and I’m kinda nervous about everything too–I mean it is a big life change!! I truly do think it will be for the better though…I mean the next 3 years are going to be tough as can be, I realize that, but we’re struggling so much right now and Bob just really isn’t happy with what he’s doing and I want to see him in a job he really likes and has a passion for–and maybe actually pays something half way decent!! Anywho…off of that rant onto my next one–so I’m in a kafufful mood anyways then Bob calls up saying that the collections department just called him and we’re a month late on our Escape loan. What??!!! So I freak out, try to figure out if I paid it, find the check but can’t find if it got pulled out of our account or not, and call them back. I figured it maybe got lost in the mail. So I give the guy our account info and he’s like OK we’ll draft this out cancel the check you sent us. So I go to Wells Fargo to cancel it and guess what? It can’t be cancelled because it’s already been cashed! So to make a long story a tiny bit shorter 5 phone calls later we know it’s been cashed but no one has any clue where on earth the money went–great. We fax them the photocopy and tell them to stop the payment from the first phone conversation since the money was taken out and I don’t want to overdraft our account by them hitting it twice.

Fast forward to today….I check our account and see a wonderful -101 balance O.O After going HUH????!!!!! I realize that they went ahead and took the money out anyways–how very nice of them! 5 phone conversations today later we find out that they finally did find out where the first check went to–they got it and so it really was their bad in the first place, and the only thing they can do is have me haul in a ton of paperwork on Monday–rehash this whole story for the billionth time–show them the $270 worth of overage fees they cost us and get reimbursed for it. Can I let out a loud UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

So we go to take the boat out to try to forget this awful morning and relax and then Amber ends up screaming the entire time….and Bob finds out the front of his boat is all cracked……and his CD player in his truck quit working right before our 2,000 mile road trip across the US…..oh and our vacuum just broke…..Oh and I forgot to mention I looked at the due by date wrong on the loan for my ring and sent the check in 2 days late so instead of 0% APR we were supposed to have now we’re paying 26% and we owe more this month then last month even with last month’s payment. :S

Sigh…………..yeah…….I know that God’s in control and everyone has times like these. It’s not even that in and of themselves these things are such a big deal cuz they’re not at all…especially considering the trials that so many people I know have to deal with, this stuff is incredibly petty…it’s just the fact they all got dumped on us at once, it’s a little overwhelming 🙁 I really am fine…and I know it’ll get better soon…I just thought I’d rant for awhile because sometimes that make you feel a little bit better. And if I rant on here no one has to “listen” that doesn’t want to 🙂

I’ve been tagged

I’ve been tagged by Jaimin 😀

Bob & I

Together: We’ve been married for 3 years, and “together” for 6 years.
Who eats more? Me 😛 Nursing makes you HUNGRY!
Who said I love you first? Honestly have no idea–we eased into it so much it was just like one day I realized we’d been saying “I Love You” for awhile. Bob was the first one to tell me how in love with me he was and that he wanted to get married though.
Who sings better? We have a standing argument about that but neither would win American Idol lol
Who is smarter? We’re about equally smart in totally different ways and areas
Who does the laundry? Me–I have no idea how he did it on his own for a year because he’s helpless
Who does the dishes? The dishywashy 😉 But I load and unload it
Who pays the bills? Me, Bob is helpless when it comes to finances–his mom did it for him up until we got married-even when he wasn’t living with them anymore, lol!!!
Who mows the lawn? The Mexicans–lol! And they do it bright and early every Friday morning and wake me up–boo hiss
Who cooks dinner? Me–he pitched in several times when I was pregnant and so sick and right after I had Amber and was recovering from my C section though
Who drives when you are together? Bob–I won’t drive with him because he’s the worst backseat driver ever!
Who is more stubborn? Both of us–like Jaimin said, it makes it interesting when you’re trying to raise a child!!!
Whose parents do you see the most? About even right now but hopefully soon it will be mine 🙂
Who kissed who first? Bob–it was short and sweet!
Who proposed? Bob but I knew it was coming and had already started planning the wedding-lol! so I guess it was pretty much mutual…4 months into dating we had decided we were going to marry each other
Who is more sensitive? Me–I am a girl after all
Who has more friends? Me–but he has more friends that live here because of guys at work.
Who has more siblings? Me, he only has one brother and I have 3 siblings-4 if you count my new sis in law 😀
Who wears the pants in the family? We do work together as a team, but when it comes to major decisions, Matt’s decision is usually the final

I Tag: Heidi, Sarah, and Mary-because they’re my only fellow bloggers, lol

Amber’s first “meal”

On Sunday we gave Amber her first “real” food. The look she got on her face was priceless when she first tasted it. After that first spoonful she couldn’t get enough though. She kept reaching out for the spoon having to “help” me feed her each spoonful, I have a feeling she’s going to be one of those toddlers who demands on feeding themselves 🙂 She of course ended up with a mess on her face which was too cute. I think her favorite part of the whole experience was getting to sit in her high chair for the first time and banging her spoon on it.