Amber’s first "meal"

On Sunday we gave Amber her first “real” food. The look she got on her face was priceless when she first tasted it. After that first spoonful she couldn’t get enough though. She kept reaching out for the spoon having to “help” me feed her each spoonful, I have a feeling she’s going to be one of those toddlers who demands on feeding themselves 🙂 She of course ended up with a mess on her face which was too cute. I think her favorite part of the whole experience was getting to sit in her high chair for the first time and banging her spoon on it.

6 Months!!!

It’s so hard to believe my sweet little girl is half a year old already! Amber had her 6 month well baby apt. yesterday. The doctor said she seems like a very happy very healthy baby, of course she didn’t see her all morning long when she was screaming bloody murder about her teeth coming in. She was an angel for the apt though so that was a blessing! She is in the 95th percentile for height at 27 1/2 in. Yepp no question that Bob’s the daddy 🙂 At 22 lbs 2 oz!!!!!!!!!!!! She continues to be way off the charts for weight–my genes? Hehe just joking 😀 The shots were no fun of course but now she won’t have to get any more till she’s a year old–Yey!!


As hard as it is to believe my “little” brother Daniel is now married!!! It seems like we were both just little bitty kids running around and playing together. We headed down to Greenville SC last Tuesday to hang out with my family and attend Daniel and Allegra’s wedding on Friday. We had an awesome time hanging out with my family and getting to catch up with some old friends that I hadn’t seen in forever like Jeremiah and Ashley, and Mary. It was also the first time my Grandma Middlemass, Aunt Chris, and Jessica had gotten to see Amber so that was really special too. Everyone thought she was just adorable and chunky of course 😉

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Other than my own 😉 it was the very nicest wedding I’ve ever been to. Allegra was a gorgeous bride and her and Dan just make the cutest couple!!
Bob and I were both in the wedding so that was a ton of fun and he got to walk me down the aisle 😀 😀 So that was pretty awesome and it brought back lots of wonderful memories of our own wedding.
The church they got married in was beautiful and they had a string quartet and piano for their music which sounded absolutely amazing!!!! I’m so jealous! Wish we would have had access to cool stuff like that in Wyoming lol. Oh and they had a chocolate fountain/fondue pot at their reception–one of my favorite parts 😉 Hehe. The ceremony was short and sweet but very touching…I admit I did cry a little!!! It was amazing to get to be a part of it all and I’m so excited that we will actually be able to hang out with them when we move back to Wyoming!!

Dream Come True

On Saturday for my birthday present I got to go to the Rascal Flatts concert in Raliegh. 😀 😀 😀 I’ve been a huge fan ever since they came out with their first single 8 years ago and it’s always been one of my biggest dreams to see them in concert. To put the icing on the cake *birthday pun hehe* Lara got to go with me to it. I have decided that I have the BEST husband in the world because Bob drove us and sat out in the car with Amber for 5 hours while we were at the concert!!! She of course was extremely cranky :S (can’t believe I left him alone with a teething baby for that long–oopss) But it was the first time since she was born that I had left her with anyone!! So I think I was long overdue for a Mom’s Night Out!!! The concert was absolutely amazing!!! Best birthday present ever! I thought we were going to have to be in the “nose bleed” section but since we showed up 2 hours early we actually got really good seats. It was Lara’s first concert ever and I think she was pretty impressed.
Taylor Swift opened up for them and was really good, I really like her cd and think if she would have come out when I was 16 or so I would have really loved her. As it is I like her music but am a little beyond telling boys I’m gonna burn their pictures 😉 Rascal Flatts sounded and looked amazing and the set was unbelivable! It was definately an experience I will never ever forget!!!!!!!!!

Ah hah!!

So yesterday I finally figured out why Amber has been so cranky and not sleeping well lately-she’s cutting her first tooth!! I found the little stub on her bottom gums yesterday and the poor gums themselves are all red and swollen..poor baby–no wonder she’s been such a grump!! Hopefully now that we know what’s wrong we can try to make her comfortable!!

Here are the pics of her rolling over the first time 🙂 Yepp she was naked-it was right before bath time. Her favorite part of the day is being naked before her bath, lol. She gets all wiggly and happy about it which probably explains why she rolled over for the first time then 😉 Yesterday she rolled over a couple more times…every time she does she gets all excited and proud of herself 🙂


This is the nastiest, scariest, meanest looking spider I have ever seen in my whole life!!! I saw it while I was chasing after a lizard right on our front porch!!! Those things in front of it’s face are it’s FANGS!!!! Good heavens…….there are certainly some things about North Carolina that I will not miss!!!! Here’s another pic so you can get an idea of how huge it is!!!

6 years ago today

6 years ago today I checked out (literally and figuratively 😉 ) a cute tall skinny guy who was buying a Sponge Bob Squarepants calender. Little did I know that he was going to be my future husband!! Looking back it still amazes me how God orchestrated our circumstances so that we met that day. Even more amazing is looking back on all we’ve been through and how far we’ve come to reach the point we’re at now. I used to get so mad when we started dating that very few people seemed to take us seriously and so many seemed to think we weren’t going to last. Now that my younger brother is the same age I was when Bob and I started dating I can see why people think that! He still seems like a kid to me, not someone who should be meeting and falling in love with their future spouse!!! However we did make it and 6 years later are happily married with a beautiful baby girl. Although he does “drive me to distraction” at times, I’m so so happy that we met that day, and am more in love that ever 🙂

On a little side note–God is just really so good isn’t He? I have been super super stressed out about money lately. This month is going to be really rough because we have 2 out of town trips (both of which I’m extremely looking forward to but will be expensive) and just found out we have to renew Bob’s license plate tags which was an unexpected expense, also Bob is working on several projects on his truck in order to get it ready for the 2,000+ mile trip home. Considering we have been living paycheck to paycheck since I quit working all this extra financial pressure has made me pull my hair out. Not to mention the fact that I was hoping to save up some money for the trip home–An SUV and a truck pulling a boat with the way gas prices are–OUCH! LoL, anyways, enough of the complaining and to the praising part. I’ve been telling God “Ok Lord I really don’t know how we’re going to do this but if it’s your will I know you’ll help!” So today I got a check in the mail for $379 😀 It was a refund from my ultrasound which we had to pay for up front because they didn’t think Tricare was going to cover it 😀 Yey! What a blessing! I should know that God will always take care of us just like He always has–I just need to quit stressing and start praying a little more!!!!!!



5 Months and Nostalgia

So my sweet little baby Amber turned 5 months old a week ago! It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital–I can’t believe she is that old already! She is a delightful little chunk although she’s been uncharacteristically grumpy lately. Hopefully it’s just because we’re still ironing out the nap issues and I also have the sneaking suspicion some teeth might be thinking about showing up–she crams everything she can reach into her mouths and gums it to death–lol!!!! She loves to “play” with her toys now–aka stuff them in her mouth and fling them around–and as I mentioned earlier grabs everything within arms length.

She’s taking her sweet time about rolling over but I think that’s probably because of how chubby she is–lol!! 🙂 She does this thing when she’s excited that sounds like she’s hyperventalating then laughs–it cracks me up every time! She’s also gotten very fond of sticking her tounge out and last night she was doing them both at the same time and looked just like a little puppy dog. LoL! Never a dull moment between her and Bob!!!! They keep me hopping and in stiches all the time 🙂

Speaking of my wonderful hubbysand he has decided that he is going to get out of the Coast Guard so that he can use the GI Bill to get his degree in Electrical Engineering—Yippee!!!! He has 60 days of leave left (the military is just great about letting you take time off, lol) so that means his last day will be September 26th!!!!!!! Ack!!! So much to do and so little time!!!! Please be praying for us as there are so many things that will be up in the air such as housing, a job for him, and medical insurance. For all it’s faults the military does have some definate good points!!  I know that the next 3 or so years won’t be easy…we’ll have to be pinching our pennies and poor Bob won’t be having much free time at all, but I think it will be all worth it in the end. He pretty much has a job waiting for him from his uncle as soon as he gets the degree or if he does miss the CG a lot he can apply for OCS (officer school) and have a better chance of getting in with his prior CG service and a bachelor’s degree.

It’s very funny because basically ever since we got to NC the only thing I’ve wanted was to be able to move back to Wyoming. I think mainly it was because the first year we were here I had an awful job, was so terribly sick all the time from being pregnant, and all of our church issues gave me a not so great opinion of this state. I’ve been enjoying it a lot more since Amber was born and I got to go do all the fun “touristy” things when everyone came out to visit. I still wouldn’t have said I was crazy about NC though–too hot and humid for my tastes. Now that we’re leaving I find myself becoming incredibly nostalgic about North Carolina and the Coast Guard! Haha!!!! Talk about funny 🙂 I keep thinking about all the wonderful things about NC like the beautiful birds,

our awesome pond by our condo–it has about a million turtles in it!!!!,

all the beautiful flowers everywhere (year round–lol),

Cubbies (our favorite local restaurant, if you ever have the chance to try a “Carolina Burger” go for it!) and, of course, the beach which is only 5 minutes away.

Plus I also will have sentiment attached to here because it’s where Amber was born. All in all I think I’m really going to miss NC and wish I would have appreciated it a little more while I was here! However, I am at the same time SOOOOOO excited to be moving back home–nasty cold wind and all!!! 😀