I Love Football

♥ I love football!♥

Bronco Baby

I’m the only girl I know who screams at the television when I’m watching my teams. I know where I get it from, both my grandpa’s did it, but I’ve yet to meet a girl who does.

It all started when I was a young teenager. My parents were always super supportive of all their children which included going to all sports practices and games, even the ones that were hours away. Since I had two younger brothers this meant that I too had to go along to all the football games and practices. I had two options:

1. I could watch it and hate every minute and be bored

2. I could cheer my brothers on and learn about the game

I chose the latter. The more I cheered and learned I began to like the game, until I grew to absolutely love it! Having a bunch of cute boys play with my brother helped a lot too 😉

Baby Football

I had always thought how lucky my future boyfriends/hubby would be having a woman like me. I mean, who doesn’t love a girl who will watch football with them, and actually understand what’s going on? The ironic thing is that every guy I dated couldn’t have cared less about football. I’m always the one in the relationship to turn the TV on and yell for my teams come Sunday. I’ve “converted” Bob over time and he too has learned to love the game.

I’m super excited that it’s almost time for football again! This season the Broncos are opening up and while I’m totally mourning the loss of Tebow (sniff sniff) I’m excited about having Peyton Manning on the team though!


You know it’s football season when you start seeing the treats everywhere!  Today I spotted these great SNICKERS® Brand NFL Minis at Wal-Mart–Football and Chocolate, talk about a win-win for me!


Here is a great, fun easy-peasy way to jazz up this bagged candy for opening night!

Mini Footballs

  • Take a platter (a football shaped one would be best!) and cover the outside in SNICKERS® Brand NFL Minis Open several other SNICKERS® Brand NFL Minis and put them in the middle. 
  •  Make homemade Butter Cream Icing 
  • Use a cake decorating kit to put little laces on the opened SNICKERS® Brand NFL Minis (you can pick them up for super cheap in the craft section at Wal*Mart-I love the Wilton kind the best and they include the icing recipe in the kit)  

Ta Da! 

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