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Earth Day Ideas ~ Using Bottle Caps!

So I’m not what you’d call a “liberal feminist tree hugging hippie”. In fact I’m pretty much at the other end of the spectrum, lol. People who put “the creation above the Creator” irritate me to no end. However I do not think that means anyone should adapt the attitude of “oh who cares” either! As Christians we are required to be good stewards of everything God has entrusted to us–and our Earth is a huge part of that!!! So while you’ll never find me yelling about drilling for oil or cutting down trees for paper-I do think everyone can do their part to “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. Little actions add up to big changes when everyone gets involved!
One of my favorite ways to do this started when I read the Cap Catcher Article by Shara. In it she talks about her friend Barbara and how she came up with the ingenious idea of using Bottle Caps (which cannot be recycled) in classrooms. I thought it was a great article and a wonderful idea so I immediately started “catching caps”. When I read her article Where Our Plastic Goes it made even more sense why collecting caps, plus recycling our other plastics, was so important!
Now the question was….what to do with them? Thankfully Shara didn’t leave me hanging there either! You can find great ideas for everyone to toddler to early learners to grade school children in these articles:
Bottle Cap Games for Kindergarten Readiness ~ planning on using all these ideas with Amber soon!!!


Personal Child Stories Book about Bottle Caps ~ Written for early learners and teaches about the “3 Rs” as well as gives ideas for using caps with toddlers/young children.


Bottle Cap Projects ~ Even more fun ideas!


I’ve come up with my own ideas as well! As you can see in the pictures so far I’ve just let Amber “free play” with the caps by giving her them, bottles, water, and a spoon. Although this might seem random even this kind of free play is teaching her many things!
  • Helps teach numbers-counting as she puts them in the jar
  • Colors–asking her what different colors the caps are
  • Fine Motor Skills–skill required to pick up the small caps and place them within the bottle
  • Early Science Learning–Hey look, when I put them on water they float!
  • Sensory Learning–wet, rough, smooth, good stuff!
On top of all that she loves playing with them!!! I mean, she seriously will sit there for 30+ minutes playing with them and asks if she can every single day–for a child who doesn’t spend that amount of time on anything else other than pictures this is amazing!!!! Plus the best part of it was ever single one of these “toys” was free and something I would have normally thrown away!