Die Young: Burying Your Self in Christ by Hayley and Michael DiMarco *Review*

Die Young

I absolutely adore reviewing books. I have always been an avid reader–ever since I learned how to read. Ever since I started reviewing books for my blog and on sites like Amazon I’ve enjoyed getting to read a variety of my favorite kinds of book. Many of the time these books are “good reads” but not worthy of gaining a permanent spot in our bookcases as I pass them along to friends/thrift stores/book stores. Every once in awhile a book comes along that is a diamond amongst semi precious stones. Die Young is one of these diamonds!

Such a short little book–just 7 chapters and 173 pages–but wow what great truths and convictions it holds! This book takes common Bible passages and really breaks them down and shows how they apply to your life–all based around the theme of dying to self and the paradoxes that it brings. Everything from knocking yourself off your high horse, to the sin of not having self control over things like food, to the wrong things with being a perfectionist are discussed. I was so convicted 75 pages in that I wrote this Moms of Faith devotional about the things that I learned and applied to my own life.

Such a great book–I’m now recommending it to all my friends and family offline as well as on. If you’re looking to grow, to stretch, and to learn how to find true happiness and contentment then this is a must read!

The Language of Love and Respect ~ Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Women see the world with pink sunglasses and pink hearing aids.
Men see with blue sunglasses and blue hearing aids.
And as a result miscommunication often arises!!
In this follow up to his popular book Love and Respect, Dr. Emerson dives into the ins and outs of communication and how it works with his Love and Respect theories in The Language Of Love and Respect.
It was interesting for me to read this book as I hadn’t read the first. It was easy to follow along with though as he seemed to rehash much of what was included in the first book. Although I didn’t find the book earth shattering, or the content in it completely new and startling (which probably shouldn’t be surprising since marriage books are among my favorites to read) it did have many good things in it. I enjoyed learning helpful tips and hints to communicate with my very blue hubby, and had to laugh when he talked about “spider-webbing” (going off on a million topics at once and expecting your hubby to follow) I’m definitely guilty of that one!
I actually got to use some of the tactics in the book this week as hubby made an extravagant purchase for himself I did not approve of. At first I started in on him as I always do, but then I decided to step back and practice what I’d been learning. I realized thanks to the book that the issue wasn’t really the purchase, but the fact that I was feeling unloved as a result of it. I respectfully told him this and he responded so much better to me than nagging him or criticizing his spending habits would have made him.
Although not my favorite relationship book of all time, The Language Of Love and Respect was very helpful, and I would whole heartedly recommend adding it to your bookshelf!A big thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing me with this book to review!