Unconventional Holiday Gifting

 Once upon a time there was a girl who loved all the of magic of Christmas. She loved the lights, the sparkles, the music, the movies, the books, the presents, the treats! In fact-she was hard pressed to find anything about the holiday that she DIDN’T love!

Then she married a boy who was, well, let’s just say that his view on the “most wonderful time of the year” was slightly different.

If you hadn’t guessed by now–of course I’m referring to me and my sweet hubby Bob! One of the biggest ways that we differ is that I love getting presents on Christmas day. If I didn’t have at least *one* present to unwrap on Christmas I think I might cry (true story). Hubby, on the other hand, is one of those guys who if he wants something anything and we can afford it-he buys it. He’s also very picky uh, particular about what he likes. He also doesn’t enjoy opening presents–he’d much rather have the experience of going to the store and picking out something for himself (he finds it a lot of fun!)

 The first few years we were married I got frustrated because I would try so hard to wrack my brains for something that he would love for Christmas-only to have him end up buying it for himself or never ever using what I did buy him. After this happened a few times I decided that I would tweak how I gave him gifts. Though it felt like completely unconventional holiday gifting to me, I told him that I wanted him to tell me what he wanted for Christmas–and then I wanted us to go buy it together (at least a few weeks before Christmas).

Surprisingly, it worked great! We always have a great and uh…..interesting time….(look above!!!) when we do his Christmas shopping together. He has fun browsing and trying to decide just what he wants “from Santa” and then selecting and playing with his new “toy”. He always gets so excited he makes me drive on the way home so he can rip whatever we got out of the package and start fiddling with it right away!

This year we headed to Academy Sports & Outdoors which is one of Bob’s new favorite stores since we moved here a few months ago-it pretty much sells anything and everything that he loves! Ever since getting out of the Coast Guard he’s missed getting to “play” with guns every day so he’s been browsing all kinds of guns–both real and air–since we got here. We decided on a Daisy Winchester Air Pistol Model 11. When I think of BBGuns I automatically think of Daisy Outdoor Products since we had a Daisy BB Rifle growing up that we would play with anytime we went up camping. I got pretty good at hitting that empty soda can if I do say so myself! I’ve always felt that some of the best memories that can be made are when you’re doing outdoor family activities-what can I say, it’s the “Wyoming Girl” in me!

Bob really liked the fact that this pistol weighs 1.9 lbs because it gives it the weight and feel of a real gun. The CO2 power makes it pack a punch and amps it up well above the level of a pump BBGun and makes it a suitable present for a 16 year old or a 28 year old! It also has a 16 shot bb clip that means he can hit up a target multiple times before reloading.

After picking up his Christmas present Bob wanted to go peek at “the real thing” Yeah–for 1/6th of the price I sure liked the price tag on the pistol we got Bob a whole lot better than this one!

Of course he couldn’t wait to get it out of the package so even though it’s freezing (for Texas that is) we went out and shot it today. Right now we’re living on 5 acres so it’s pretty cool that we can just head out back to shoot!

Having grown up around guns and hunting my entire life, and then as a military spouse, I’ve always been comfortable around guns and enjoy shooting them because I have a healthy respect for them. We keep all our guns locked in a closet in the house and both of the kids know that if they ever see a gun anywhere they are to NOT touch it and immediately come and get an adult. I firmly and deeply believe in the 2nd amendment and feel that people who are in healthy families who are around guns are actually far safer than those who are not—you all just need to be aware of the proper use and treatment of weapons. In our house you don’t point even an unloaded bbgun at someone-it’s just something you don’t do!

A little bit of an unconventional way to give hubby his Christmas present? Yes. Does it work for us? Absolutely! And really I think in creating a happy marriage-that’s the best thing you can possibly wish for!

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Nicole Elliott