Radiant Orchid Obsession

So, I may or may not have a problem. I’ll let you be the judge. Lately I have been into purple–I mean really into purple. As in I currently have dark purple hair-if that’s not love for a color I don’t know what is. So when I found out that Radiant Orchid was going to be one of THE “it” colors for 2014 my little heart did happy dances!

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Princess Dress Up For Girls

Princess Dress Up for Girls
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: Amber was bouncing up and down when she got to select a Princess Dress Up costume to review. All poses, swirls, and Disney nostalgia are our own.

If you have ever had a child between the ages of 2 and 6 in your life you probably realize that dress is up vitally important–especially for girls! Dressing up as a princess, especially, seems vital at this age. Now–before you go and start waving those equality banners high let me first mention that while our dress up trunk is filled to the hilt with puffy, glittery, swirly tutus and floor length gowns it’s also full of Fireman outfits, Doctor kits, and Astronaut gear!

There really is something about being a princess that is just engrained into our DNA as girls–and I think me and Amber got a little extra dose of it! Even when I got married my criteria was that I wanted to look “Like a Disney Princess” Tiara, big poofy ball gown, sparkles and all!

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A Last Minute Halloween

Take one much-to-small frilly dress
Add a Little Diva Tutu and some purple sweat pants
Put in some hair bows and top off with a Little Diva tropical flower clip
And you have a completely thrown together at the last minute costume that’s simply adorable!!!
I wasn’t going to “do” Halloween this year…Amber’s too young for lots of  candy or trick-or-treating and we don’t have any friends or family around here to go visit. At the last minute I decided to buy a pumpkin. I figured at least we could carve it together as a family, Amber would like that right?
She loved it! She wouldn’t touch the slimy guts but had a great time scooping them out with a spoon.
On Halloween Amber’s Christmas present arrived. I suddenly was struck with the idea that I could use the tutu for Halloween and then put it away for Christmas. She’s 20 months, it’s not like she’d care!!! I’m so happy I did because we had so much fun going on our daily walk with her dressed up as a princess 🙂

Even Mr. Goose got dressed up for Halloween!

Here’s my outfit….can’t you tell? I’m Bella Swan!! 😉 ok….maybe not. But at least I’m rocking the uber pale skin and red-hair-in-the-sun look! Yey for Twilight for making pale people cool!
And yey for a last minute Halloween that was a great success!