Ulti­mate Little House Prize Pack­age Giveaway

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Little House on the Prairie Giveaway

So I loooooove Little House and always have! My mom and I read the book together and I’ve been a hardcore fan ever since. In fact all my doll house dolls were named Ma, Pa, Mary, Laura, Nellie, Roy & Almanzo. Now that Amber and Tyler are old enough we’ve been reading the Little House series for bedtime stories and they are loving them as much as I did! So far we’ve made it through Little House in the Big Woods and Little House On the Prairie.

To cel­e­brate the launch of the offi­cial Lit­tle House on the Prairie® web­site, I have joined some of my fellow Bloggin’ Mamas to offer the Ulti­mate Prize Pack­age Giveaway (ARV $164).

The winner will receive Sea­son 1 Deluxe Remas­tered 6-DVD Set $29.98 Retail Value, Sea­son 2 Deluxe Remas­tered 5-DVD Set $29.98 Retail Value, Sea­son 3 Deluxe Remas­tered 5-DVD Set $21.98 Retail Value, Sea­son 4 Deluxe Remas­tered 5-DVD Set $21.98 Retail Value, Pio­neer Girl Book and Tote Bag $39.95 Retail Value, “Lit­tle House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder $19.95 Retail Value

You can also enter a 2nd giveaway on the Little House on the Prairie website for a chance to win a second prize package.

This giveaway is running Friday, March 27th, 2015 at 12:01am PST through Friday, April 24th, 2015 at 11:59pm PST It is open to US Residents age 18 and older. Enter via the rafflecopter form below.

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Dis­clo­sure: This giveaway is coordinated by Bloggin’ Mamas and is sponsored by Little House on the Prairie. I was not compensated for sharing this post.


The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

So if you know me at all you know that I am a HUGE time fan of Lord of the Rings–they’re my favorite movies ever! So I have thoroughly enjoyed The Hobbit movies — The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies definitely made me cry–both because of the movie itself (tear jerker warning!!) and also because it’s the last in the series they can do.

Because of that I just HAD to offer you this giveaway and quiz–be sure to take the quiz and tell me what your middle earth weapon of choice is! Mine came as no surprise–but you have to go enter the giveaway to find out what answer I got! 😉

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Why I Broke Up With My Contract Cell Phone Company After 12 Years

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser who offers Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web. All opinions are mine alone. #MaxYourTax #CollectiveBias

Dear Contract Cell Phone Company,

I’m sorry to do this to you, I really am. The truth is, I have a feeling that you knew that this was coming for awhile now. I mean, my hubby already broke up with you awhile ago, and I even encouraged my sister to dump you. Since then I talked my younger brother and sister-in-law to cut ties as well. In spite of this I’ve held out, the longest, clinging on to the good times and memories of what we once shared together; but now it’s time that we have to call it for what it is, and let each other go our separate ways.

To be quite honest, it’s not me, it’s you, but as you might have guessed the main reason is that I’ve met someone new. Just like my husband I met Walmart Family Mobile and the  ZTE ZMAX phablet in, well, Walmart (what can I say? It seems to be where I fall in love). With their good looks and flashy low prices I couldn’t help but stopping and gazing into their options for awhile. You know you just haven’t been meeting my needs lately–all those high prices and a glitchy phone far before my “free” upgrade rolled around (Oh yeah, something I’ve been wanting to tell you for awhile–calling an upgrade “free” and then charging me an activation fee is kind of a jerk move, I’m just saying. Walmart Family Mobile requires a $25 activation card, but at least they’re honest about it).

These guys looked like everything I’d ever dreamed of–ridiculously better on my wallet than you, and a whole lot bigger and stronger than you, too. When I gazed into the super big screen of the ZTE ZMAX  on roll back for $179.00** that offers Walmart Family Mobile’s new 4G LTE Speeds at just $29.88/month (for the first line) which gives me Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 500MB, I began to compose this Dear John letter to you in my mind. If I hadn’t been wanting a tablet lately I might have considered the ZTE Zinger which made my penny pinching heart pitter-patter just a wee bit with it’s crazy low rollback price of $19.84**. But I knew that I would be happier with the ZTE ZMAX in a long term relationship, and so picked him and and took him home (just to get acquainted, you know I’m a proper lady).

You see, the timing is really perfect, I wanted to wait till after Valentine’s Day to dump you (because I’m not that heartless) and, well, to be honest now it’s Tax Return season and what could be more perfect than to use my return from last year for a perfect tax write off for next year? You’ve been with me so long that you must know how I reason by now.

Sure enough Walmart Family Mobile was a perfect gentleman when I got them home, and activating my new relationship err, phone was easy as can be, no waiting in long lines and haggling with salesmen while children bounced off the walls like what you subjected me to every time we got an upgrade together.

The better we got to know each other the more compatible I could see we would be–my new phone is big, bright, and beautiful, and the fact that it’s Android and plugged in with Google (which my life revolves around on a continual basis right now) was just one more reason to get serious with him, and to dump you along with my non-android-several-models-back-phone that the top button hasn’t worked on forever.

I guess I’m just saying all of this because I want you to be happy for me, and for you to go on and live your life and be happy with those poor customer’s you’re still duping. I know you’ll be seeing me around with my new partner, and as you see me tapping the screen and smiling I just want you to know–this was best for both of us.

Ok, ok so it’s the best for just me, but I’m alright with that.


Your Ex Customer Nicole

**Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of this posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/aafid or your local Walmart for current pricing.


How To Destress With a Family Movie Night – Guardians of the Galaxy!

This shop for Guardians of the Galaxy has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OwnTheGalaxy #CollectiveBias

The lights, the music, the presents, the traditions, the recipes!!!

The mess, the chaos, the lines, the noise, the stress!!!

While you know how much I loooove Christmas and all the wonderful things it brings, some years it can be as stressful as it is joyful! That’s why this holiday season in addition to focusing on great gift ideas, gorgeous looks, fun new traditions, and delicious recipes for you to add to your plate; I’ve also decided to dedicate a few posts to getting help from your kids, de-stressing, and how to have fun with your spouse!

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Give the Best Back to College Gift Ever: Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser Walmart Best Plans who have the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans with Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web. All opinions are mine alone. #Phones4School #CollectiveBias

As you know there are four kids in my family–the youngest of which is my “baby” sister Hannah. Even though she’s 8 years younger than I am, as fate would have it both she and my hubby are starting their Junior year of college this year–they’re planning on graduating in Spring 2016. It sounds like this year is going to be a CRAZY one for both of them, as well! She’s over at Bob Jones University in South Carolina, so she’s far away from us here in Texas, and also the rest of my family who are all still in Wyoming. Because of that having a great way to keep in communication with all the rest of us is super important for her!

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Keep Precious Memories Alive with YesVideo!

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and YesVideo. I received the featured service free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

You begin to feel old when you mention something being “Before there was a Facebook” to a college student and they look at you as if you’ve suddenly become 100 years old.

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Crafters Crate — Perfect For Busy Moms of Girls!

A common theme these days is just how busy I am–it’s great, but makes fitting everything in that I would like to more than a little challenging. I always have these grand ideas of these super fun projects, crafts, and ideas to do with the kids–but somehow the summer has flown past and we’ve only been able to accomplish a handful of them!

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Mom Seeks God by Julia Roller Book Review

It seems only appropriate that I’m writing this review about a week late. You see–last Monday (as in April 28th) I came down with THE flu–you know, not the bad cold, or the “oh I think that this might be the flu” bugs–but the read bon fida Influenza A. I know for sure because I thought that I might have a sinus infection again–so I went into the walk in clinic where they tested me, which is how I found out it was the “real deal”. I promptly “call in sick” (which is not an easy task to do when you work from home) and spent the rest of the week in a huge bundle of misery and pain either on the couch or in my bed.

You see–when you’re a Mom life in general can be a challenge–trying to seek God in the middle of all the utter chaos? Well some times it can feel nearly impossible!

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When Calls the Heart – Lost & Found DVD

Legalese Nonsense: I was sent a copy of When Calls the Heart to view it–because how could I tell you my thoughts otherwise? All nitpicky opinions are, as always, all my own!

Ever since I first read the Love Comes Softly Series as a teen, I’ve loved all of Janette Oke’s books! So when Hallmark starting making series and movies inspired by her books I was excited about it! I learned quickly, however, that “inspired by” means just that–these might have the same titles and character names, but the stories in the movies/series are very loosely based on the books. They are great in and of themselves, but if you are expecting a great book to tv adaptation you’re going to become disappointed quickly. I learned this with the Love Come Softly movie series, so going into watching When Calls the Heart – Lost & Found DVD I was expecting something similar, and I was right. This DVD is actually the first 2 episodes in the When Calls the Heart Series–so don’t expect the full season. It’s just enough to give you a great taste for the series and leaves you wanting more.

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