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Movie Review of 40 NIGHTS

Movie Review Time!

By way of our rural mail carrier; who drives a big boat of a vehicle and not a one of those cute little mail trucks you may see in town, I received the movie 40 NIGHTS from! This film is biblical and deep – it’s about the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert preparing himself for the trying days ahead of him and his crucifixion.


40 NIGHTS really spoke to the humanity of Jesus; His inner struggle between fear and faith, until He reaches resolve in the desert – that His death is the only way. It was biblical but there are some liberties taken, without going overboard. The acting was really great and the cinematography was so interesting and done very well!

One of my favorite scenes was a very earthly one between mother and son. Jesus was recalling a moment he had with Mary. He was working when she asked him,

“Are you well?”
His response was a quick, “My health is fine.”
But how is your head and heart?” She asked more pointedly.

It was a real and believable moment that very well could have happened, just as it does every day in homes across the globe. A mother knows.

As mothers we love our children so deeply and sense when they are hurting or burdened with something heavy. Created in God’s image – He loves us infinitely more and is concerned for us in the same ways a mother (or father) is for their child. Above all He cares about the state of our hearts.

We get so busy with life (myself included!), with summer outings, vacations, meal planning, the approaching school year, and the lists go on! But The Lord wants to know, how is your head and heart? If we don’t care of the health of those two vital things then we will not be very effective as mothers, spouses, friends, and so on.

There is so much to glean from the scriptures during the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the film 40 NIGHTS sheds light on many of those truths.

Overall I thought this was a great film and one I think my husband and family will enjoy watching as well! I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it for young children as there are a couple of emotionally intense scenes and a lot of dialogue that will go over their heads – but it could also be used as a good teaching opportunity.

I would like to thank for sending me this movie to watch and in return give an honest review of the film! My thoughts and opinion of the film are of course, my own. I look forward to jumping online to purchase more wholesome family films from in the near future – and you should too!

Blessings ~ Amber

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Collect Memories–Not Things ~ Good. Night. Snack. #goodnightsnack #cbias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and it’s advertiser Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias

Collect Memories--Not Things ~ Good. Night. Snack. #goodnightsnack #shop #cbias

You know that I’m a big advocate of giving Zero Clutter Gifts! I also love receiving them! When given the choice of what my birthday present will be–I’ll choose an “experience” gift rather than a physcial one nine times out of ten! That’s why for the last few years my birthday presents have included things like going and seeing How To Train Your Dragon Live in 2012, and spending the day with hubby at Six Flags last year. This year was no different, and I couldn’t wait to scheme up how we’d celebrate!

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The Jungle Book: Rumble in the Jungle

Last Saturday was one of those cold, drizzly, don’t-go-anywhere & snuggle-up-under-a-blanket kind of Saturdays. On days like those I love trying to find something a little fun and low key for the kiddos to enjoy. It just happened that I had the perfect recipe for a fun and low key afternoon!

While they were busy playing in their room I put together a plate of fruit trees–it was about time for an afternoon snack and I knew when I ran across this on Pinterest the other day that it would be a huge hit–and it was so easy and quick to put together!

Next I called the kids and told them that I had a surprise–we were going to the JUNGLE! But first they needed to go to their room and get all their friends who lived in the jungle to come along. This was a fun activity to get them discussing what animals did and didn’t live in the jungle. We ended up with lots of monkeys and a few giraffes (both of which are some of the kiddos favorites)

Then it was time for the big reveal. I pulled out the fruit trees and announced that the big surprise was a new movie! It was The Jungle Book The Movie–Rumble in the Jungle complete with a downloadable activity kit, slide show and exclusive, collectible Mowgli and Baloo figurines (which I should mention neither kid will now be parted from–Baloo has slept with Tyler the past several nights). Only at Wal*Mart it was released today, February 12th, but we got to see it first thanks to Childs Play Communications.

They were both ecstatic for a new movie and  sat in rapture through it (well, Amber sat–Tyler alternated between bouncing, sitting, and running around-but that’s just how he rolls) Me and my mom-in-law sat in on it too!

So what did we think?

Overall I give it 4 stars! It was cute and for a smaller production studio the quality of the graphics was very good–as you can see in the pictures. There were sometimes-like at the end when Mowgli was singing-that it was hard to hear him because it felt like the sound wasn’t balanced out. The acting at times is also a bit stretched-but the kids didn’t seem to notice at all.

Other things that I enjoyed about it were that although it was a full length feature it is broken up into several different little stories in the overall plot that made it easy for the kids to follow with and kept their attention. There were a lot of good principles taught throughout the movie-like going back to help a competitor instead of pushing on ahead just so you could win. In an age of lots of movies that are just kind of there it’s good to see some good old fashioned morals worked in! Because of all this I’d definitely recommend it for your next stay-at-home-and-snuggle kind of a day!

What is your favorite Drizzly Saturday Kind of Movie? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Nicole Elliott

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Family Movie Night ~ Smitty

I mentioned that every Friday night when Bob is home we have a movie date night. I’ve also talked recently about making screen time quality time for when it’s time for your kids to watch TV.

Now that Amber is getting a little older I’m looking forward to when we can start having family movie nights together. Even when it’s just me and Bob I’m a sucker for a good family friendly flick. When my parents were here we all watched Smitty together. It’s a heartwarming movie about a daughter and her son who have lost their way and a Grandpa, his friend, and a Dog named Dog who help them find their way back to each other and happiness.

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The Woodcarver DVD

Although we don’t watch a ton of TV at our house hubby and I both enjoy snuggling up at the end of the day or on weekends and watching a good movie or one of our favorite TV shows together. My favorites are good clean films that also have a great, unique storyline, good production value, and great acting. And unfortunately that’s usually extremely hard to find!

Well I now have a new movie to add to my favorites list! The Woodcarver blew me away! I watched it last night and it was truly awesome. It made me laugh, and it made me cry (real tears–more than once!) and it left me with that warm fuzzy feeling inside that great movies leave me with (am I the only one that happens to?) I loved all the the characters and the acting was extremely good (which is always harder to achieve when you have several tense/tearful scenes) as was the production value.

The story line is about a troubled teenager whose parents are in the midst of a divorce and a lonely man who has lost his wife of 40+ years to cancer. It gives a great view of very real and common problems in life and how God can work through them all. I’d highly recommend it for the entire family!

I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

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Family Movie Night ~ The Fat Boy Chronicles

One of my favorite ways to relax with hubby at the end of the day is for us to put a good movie on and snuggle together in bed before we fall asleep. These week day, daily “date nights” help strengthen our marriage so much! While he was deployed this simple thing was one of the things both of us missed the very most!

One of our recent movies was The Fat Boy Chronicles. I’ve been super pleased lately at how many family friendly, moral movies are coming out. As I’ve mentioned before many times they have lower budgets, and because of this do come off a little hokey. After viewing the front, reading the title, and reading the back cover I fully expected this movie to be hokey, and in all honesty I wasn’t sure how crazy I’d be about it–especially hubby since he doesn’t like anything corny at all.

After watching the movie I turned to hubby and said, “that was SO CUTE!!!!” It was true! This movie far exceeded my expectations and was a delightful date night movie. Even hubby admitted that he liked it (don’t tell him I told you that) It follows the path of Jimmy throughout the year. It shows his path towards self improvement, self discovery, and self growth. I love how it showed what real and extremely difficult situations and lives that teenagers today have and live. It was so much more than just a movie about a “fat kid” who was being bullied. Family friendly it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy–and I would recommend it for families with older kids or anyone who’d like a nice, clean, cute movie–even for a “date night”.

This movie was provided for our watching and reviewing pleasure. All opinions and snuggles were ours!