Easy Fall Family Craft

Family Thanksgiving Crafts

Want to find some simple family thanksgiving crafts? I just love doing fun and simple crafts with the kids because it’s a great way to really show my love and give us great quality time together! Plus I really just don’t have the time or effort to invest a ton into an elaborate craft that I know I will have to throw away in just a few weeks!

After several years this is still my all time favorite fall craft to do with my family. It’s especially awesome since right now all those pumpkins and gourds are on discount, and the rest of the items you can find for free right in your neighborhood!

I came across this *adorable* idea in a Family Fun Magazine issue back in 2012. I used what we had locally and tweaked it to make it our own, that’s the beauty of it! I just adore my magazines and Pinterest to find things like this!

In case you want a happy little family as a Thanksgiving centerpiece here’s how I did it.

  • Get a few bags (we picked up 3) of the decorative pumpkins & gourds from wherever you go grocery shopping. These little guys were a steal on discount at .50 a bag! (score!!)
  • Next go and scavenge around your yard for anything fall and fun! We picked up leaves, acorns, twigs, sunflower seeds from the bird food and dried flowers.
  • Next have your kids help you decide how to “dress” each “person” and what their face should look like. ThenĀ  use a hot glue gun to secure everything together.

Super simple, super fun, and super adorable!

What’s your favorite fall craft? Leave me a link in the comments if you have one! If you’re looking for more great, fun, and easy ideas check out my Falling For Fall Pinterest Board!

Nicole Elliott