Advice for First-Time Moms

On one of the *many* parenting sites I’m a member of/frequent one of the preggo gals was asking for veteran mom advice on labor and delivery and the best and worst baby items. I ended up with a looonnggg reply and so I thought, hey, I’ll turn this into a blog post 😉 So here ya go!

Labor and Delivery Advice:

Do your homework before letting them induce you! I blindly accepted them wanting to induce me when I was a week late with my first baby. They used Cervadil (which I later discovers greatly increases your chances of a c-section) I found out the hard way through 24 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, and an emergency C-section. I *would* however recommend the epidural!!! My second little guy came SO fast (total opposite labors/deliveries!) that I ended up having no time for pain meds and holy cow did it hurt! (BUT I made it! So if you are thinking of going pain med free you definitely can do it…I did it and I had no plan or birth classes to do so, haha!)

Baby stuff!

BEST baby items:

Boppy Pillow (or the cheaper, better Wal*Mart generic version 😉 )
Aden + Anais swaddles
Bath Luve
Bouncy Chair (of any variety–we had a basic vibrating one that was a hand me down that work GREAT through both kids)
Aveeno Baby Line
Mam Pacifiers
Pack n Play (<--perfect to use instead of a bassinet and wonderful travel crib! We also got one with a diaper changing system-highly recommend that, once they outgrow it they're old enough to just change on the floor or bed anyways) WORST baby items:

complicated carriers/backpack systems (were given one and used it once I think)
Johnson & Johnson baby line (both my kids ended up having eczema and this made them break out REALLY badly. I’m sure it’s great if your baby doesn’t have skin problems, but Aveeno is great because it really IS super gentle!)

Items that are money wasters and can totally be skipped if you’re on a budget (or if you’re just smart and realize how expensive diapers and wipes are going to run you those first 2+ years)

wipe warmers
diaper changing tables
lots of accessories/decorations for the nursery that are theme specific (<--yes I know they're adorable but the baby honestly doesn't care!!! Also you can make your own/use other less expensive items for an adorable look that they won't outgrow by the time they're one)
Bassinets that are the fancy/cutesy kind and not the pack-n-play variety