Awesome Giveaway for Military Families

So it’s been *forever* since I’ve shared a great giveaway with you (other than my own of course) sorry about that! is throwing a *great* contest to celebrate 1,000 posts! go here to join in on the fun! You must be associated with the military to join (only fair 😉 ) They also have a great site called Military Alerts that you can sign up for discount for your nearest base and a Military Family Newsletter that picks the highlights from the sites and shares them. All in all it’s a wonderful millitary resource with so many different great things. I hope you’ll check them out!

Coast Guard PCS Tips

Home is where the _______ sends us.

If you’re a military spouse you have heard this phrase many times, and might even have it hanging up in wherever your current home might be! In the five years that I’ve been a military spouse, home has been Washington D.C., North Carolina, Wyoming, North Carolina (again), and currently Boston, MA.

Five out of state moves in five years has forced me to become somewhat of an expert when it comes to PCS moves! Our last move took place while I was 7 months pregnant no less!

When you PCS with the Coast Guard one of the biggest things you have to decide is what to do about housing. Unlike other military branches, very few Coast Guard bases have on base housing. You have to either rent on the economy or live on the base of a different branch of service. Our family has always chosen to live on the economy.

Living in a hotel room for a week while frantically searching for a new home is not my idea of a good time, especially with a toddler and while pregnant! Thankfully, during this move I came across a valuable resource I wish I’d known about sooner! Coastie Chicks is a wonderful forum/website filled with great resources and sweet, helpful people! I was able to get a ton of information about the Boston area, and we even ended up renting our new apartment, sight unseen, because I was able to talk to a Coastie wife who was currently living in the complex. She gave me the run down on how much utilities cost her each month to what the best grocery store was to shop at. We absolutely love our new place and we wouldn’t have gotten it if it hadn’t been for the site!

Although Coastie Chicks is only for those affiliated with the Coast Guard, there are many support sites across the Internet. From Facebook groups, to complete websites, you can find and network with other military spouses. Nothing can be more valuable than information from someone living the life you’re about to live!

So get out there, get involved, and pick up some tips! Who knows, you might just have friends waiting for you in your new home when you arrive. What could be more valuable than that?!