Rookie Mom Mistakes (and products to help!)

Tyler’s very extreme CHEEEEESE

With a 4 year old, and an “almost” 2 year old I feel as if I’ve moved past the Rookie Mom stage. That doesn’t keep me from making Rookie Mom Mistakes on occasion, however!

The latest one came during one of my husband’s most recent time underway. His computer sounding like a jet taking off each time he turned it on (he helped emphasize the point by pretending it was “launching” just before he left.) So being the sweet wife I am I took it in to the Apple Store for him before he got home. I figured if I showed up as soon as they opened they could get it in right away and I’d be on my way. Of course that day Tyler choose to wake up 2 hours earlier than normal, but I figured it would be ok. (I’ll give you a hint–that was my first mistake)

Fast forward to them telling me that it was appointment only but they could get me in after an hour. I figured I’d take the kids to the playplace and then come back for the appointment, even though I hadn’t packed any toys or snacks to keep Tyler happy with once returned (…are you getting the picture yet? If you’re a mom I’m sure you are)

15 minutes after my appointment is supposed to start I’m standing there holding my very active little toddler who is wondering *why* he can’t run around and push all the fun buttons on all the fun, very expensive Apple products. Que the screaming.

Then que me hastily cancelling appointment, rescheduling for that day (after naptime) and hauling two children out of the mall–only to haul them back a few hours later. (yes I made sure to bring toys and snacks that time and he was an angel)

So many times we make rookie mom mistakes and then wonder why our good natured kiddos have turned into little heathens! Taking a few minutes to play out the “what if” scenarios before you leave home–and bringing along things “just in case” are always a good idea!

I love products that help make life out and about a little easier and help me avoid these rookie mom mistakes!

One of these products is the Kidzikoo if you’ve ever dealt with a soured sippy cup full of hot milk then I don’t even need to explain why this product is in ingenious! It serves as a sippy cup insulator so that your kiddos can haul their water/juice/milk around with them all day and it will stay nice and cold!

Mompact is giving away a whole bunch of great products to help fix those rookie mom situations and mistakes! Created by moms, for moms you know that they came about from some of these same kinds of situations!

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