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 Personalized Stories

 No Christmas would be complete without some kind of books making their way into the pile of presents! My favorite books to give as Christmas presents are personalized stories. I love that these days you can put your child in books when I was little that would have been super difficult or too expensive to do!
Personalized Stories

 If you have little ones you probably already know how much they love books where they are finding something hidden in a picture–now imagine how much more fun it would be if they were looking for themselves! That’s the whole premise of Find Me If You Can!

Bammco Find Me if You Can

Personalized especially for your child they take your child’s face and hide it in a “sea” of other cute kiddos. There are 30 pages each with their own cute rhythms at the bottom of the page. Amber “helped” me with the pictures while Tyler was sleeping and she (very carefully) “inspected” the book for quite a while. She had so much fun finding her brother that I can only imagine how much he’ll like it!

Personalized Stories
Found him! (I added the arrow so you could find him easily too!)

One very cool option is that you can actually include up to 5 faces in a book so that if you have more than one child you don’t have to buy multiple books! As you can see it is put together in a binder-type style. That’s because it helps the book to lie completely flat so that it’s easy to look at the full pages and the hardback keeps it sturdy and durable.

Personalized Stories

The backgrounds are bright, fun pictures and are different for each set of pages. The books are $29.99 with one image and then go up in increments of $5 for each additional face. I love that this book encourages fun, reading, and concentration now–and will become a perfect keepsake to pass along to Tyler for his kids when he’s grow (how fun would it be to find a baby picture of your daddy??!!)

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