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Blueberry Hill Farms, Edom, TX

Blueberry Hill Farms, Edom, Texas


6/30/16 Update: After I first published this 3 years ago (wow!) picking blueberries every summer here has now become a favorite summer bucket list tradition and we went again this year and loved it as much as ever! Because of this I wanted to re-share about this wonderful place! If you’re not local and want to find out where you can pick your own you can find a local spot at . This year we picked extra so I could make this *delicious* Blueberry Crisp, it was amazing and you should make it even if you have to buy from the store!

What: Blueberry Hill Farms

Where: 10268 FM 314
Edom, Texas 75756

¬†How Much: Inexpensive — varies (currently $2.85 a lb for blueberries) but we spent under $20 on a two small, full bucket of blueberries and 3 blueberry frozen yogurts!

When: June & July

Picking Blueberries is something that I’ve always wanted to do, so when my Moms Inc group announced that our outing would be to go to Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom, TX I was super excited! There are several pick your own places around here but I wasn’t sure which would be the best to go to, so I was happy to bow to the expertise of seasoned locals!

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Things to Do in East Texas – The Azalea Trail, Tyler, TX

The Azalea Trail, Tyler, TX

I’m a huge lover of flowers so when I found out that my new hometown Tyler, TX had an annual celebration all about flowers, The Azalea Trail, of course we had to check it out! It was March 15-April 7th this year. There are all sorts of cool events that go along with it from horse drawn carriages to high tea in the garden events. This year as Azalea Trail novices we missed out on all of that, but did enjoy a lovely time of first visiting the Goodman-LeGrand House and then spent a few hours walking one of the most picturesque parts of the two trails!

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Things To Do in East Texas – Mineola Nature Preserve

Things to Do in East TX, Mineola Nature Preserve

So first I have to give a shout out to my amazing Moms Inc. group. I loved my MOPs group in Boston so much that as soon as we got down here I stared hunting for a new group to be a part of. Through the MOPs website I found a group that was formerly a MOPs group but this year went a slightly different direction and became Moms Inc. which combines all the best things from Mops, playdates, and Meetup type groups!

A few weeks ago for our table’s playdate we headed over to the Mineola Nature Preserve just outside of Mineola, TX. We had never been there before and I was so impressed with how awesome it was that I wanted to share it with you–if you’re in the area definitely check it out! All kinds of wonderful outdoor fun and it’s free!

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