Mamavation Monday ~ Here We Go Again

At the wedding before losing 6 lbs-I’m pretty happy with where I am but would love to lose my chunky arms!

 Hello there! It’s been (quite) awhile since I posted a Mamavation Monday! Between the holidays, the wedding, traveling, and catching back to back nasty bugs that I’m still recovering from it’s been quite the up and down on the scale adventure since I last checked in!

The *good* news is that the one good thing that came out of being sick over Christmas was that I finally broke that blasted 135 mark and as of yesterday I weighed in at 134.2 At once point I was down to 132 but now that we’re back in Texas I’ve gained back a few of the lost-while-sicker-than-a-dog pounds. I’m hoping to jump back into running again tomorrow, though, so that I will be back on track once again!

 My “get healthy” plan for 2013 looks the same as it has since we got down here–less snacking on treats at night and swapping them out with either gum or fruit, keeping a food journal, and running 3 times a week.

I’ll give you an update next week on how the rest of this week goes–here’s to staying *underneath* my 135 lb mark!!!

How is your fitness/weightloss/wellness plan for 2013 going?

Nicole Elliott

Quick Wholesome Food

Me as little miss Suzie Homemaker

 During the holiday season you still want to feed your family nutritious meals but it can be tricky with all the busyness! Between the shopping, the baking, the traveling, the festivities, the parties-phew!!!!!! (do you want me to go on? Because I could!)

During times like this I tend to turn to quick, wholesome meals that will get the job done in the quickest amount of time possible!

Green Giant’s new Seasoned Steamers are a perfect, wholesome, easy side dish! Just pop it right into the microwave then pour out into a serving bowl-easy peasy!

 I added a little bit of extra Parmesan cheese to mine to make it super tasty for the kids! While I have to admit I like fresh steamed broccoli a little better this was done in half of the time and with so much less effort-perfect for those crazy nights!

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Nicole Elliott

Mamavation Monday ~ Prepare for Thanksgiving!

University of Texas at Tyler Campus
Gorgeous UT Tyler Campus-had fun walking all around it w/ hubby!

Short and sweet this week!

The goods: I ran 3 times last week – one mile each time – Woot woot! Plus I found more dresses that I look good in than I look bad in when I went dress shopping.

The bads: Still  having the same struggles and trip ups as always and still hovering right at where I’ve been stuck, stuck, stuck for basically the past year and 1/2.

 The plan: Right now it’s just to get through the holidays without going *above* my stuck range. Indulging but not over indulging, and not letting the 3 weeks up in Wyoming around Christmas time throw me for a loop.

How are things going in your weight loss world? What are your plans for preparing for the season of treats?!

Nicole Elliott

The Trouble With Texas { Mamavation Monday }

Is all of the food!

Now–I know what you’re thinking, and no, no one *forced* me to eat all the pizza, BBQ, fried chicken, ice cream, and peach cobbler. But when the ppl you’re living with buy and offer it to you on a consistent basis-well let’s just say will power has never been my really strong suite.

Seeing a *lovely* picture of my love handles posted on FB, however, shook me out of my comfort food coma and made me realize that staying up far past midnight, sleeping in late, not working out, and eating above delicious food is not a good combination for pictures or my sanity of mind. So this week we’re getting back into a routine and staying that way!

I actually haven’t gained all that much-I’m still hovering right through 135-138 like always but I can *feel* and see that a lot of that has transitioned from muscle to fat-and with the holidays and my brother’s wedding rapidly approaching I know I need to start good habits now!

So, here I am again-ready for action and needing more support than ever! 🙂

Linking back up with Mamavation!

Nicole Elliott

Mamavation Monday ~ Back Again!

After completing the 2 Week Challenge I decided to take a bit of the break from the scale and tracking for a few different reasons. The main one was that hubby had the time off and it also contained 3 of the 4 birthdays in our family.

We had a great time hanging out, organizing and decluttering, and getting appointments and things that have been hanging around on the to do list done.

I’m happy because even though I didn’t work out except for twice during the 2 weeks I was able to maintain my weight.

Today is my first day getting back into our normal routine and I did workout this morning. It’s always amazing how fast you loose that muscle :S I’m happy to be back to working out though!

Lately it keeps popping up everywhere that when it comes to weight loss it really is more about what you eat than how much you workout. I know for me this is super true-especially with this last 10ish lbs I’m trying to ditch. Now than all the holidays and birthdays are behind us (for a few months at least, haha) I’m going to really try to crack down on the sweets and late night cravings!

Where are you at in your goals? I’d love to hear an update and if you have anything that helps your cravings. I just came across this blog post on what your cravings mean and thought it was a great one!

Mamavation Monday ~ 2 Week Challenge

So the *good* news this week is that I managed to do the entire 2 Week Challenge! I’m super proud of myself because for me to do 12 workouts in 14 days when I normally struggle to fit in 3 workouts a week is pretty incredible. There were plenty of days when it was already the evening and I really did NOT feel like doing it but I pushed my way through and I’m super happy about that!

The bad news this week is that thanks to all those delicious treats over the 4th of July and for my birthday I didn’t lose any weight or inches–in fact I went up in weight but my inches stayed the same….as they have for the past several months.

I’m not getting discouraged though. Even though I’m still struggling to get down to my goal weight and inches and establish healthy eating habits I know I’m getting healthier and feeling more energy from what I’m doing right now.

Plus last Saturday I managed to squeeze into this little number and I felt like I looked pretty great-just as I am right now! I know I still have some hard work if I’m ever going to get down to where I really want to be-but I’m not going to beat myself up about it in the meantime!

2 Week Challenge ~ Mamavation Mondays

So last week was a “meh” week as far as how I did. I did work out 3 times and my eating was good some days, not so good others-mostly due to yet again slacking on journaling. So the scale went down a little, then up a little, then stuck like normal. Here are the workouts that I did:

Monday: Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

Wednesday: 10 Minute Solution Yoga <--(again on Netflix Watch Instantly if you have it)
Friday:Women’s Health: Total Workout in Ten!

This week I have *high hopes* as today was the first day of my first Mamavation 2 Week Challenge! I’m super excited about it. I’m doing the beginner-and I’m glad I did because those Burpees today kicked my but! Along with the challenge I’m going to be really focusing on journaling..again!

So here’s to getting back on track and kick starting my weight loss–yet again!! 😉

Mamavation Monday ~ Plugging Along

I’ve smoked my last cigarette, At least a hundred times I bet, I guess I’ll just keep quitting til it sticks ~ Jason Aldean

So I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life–but this line totally resonates with me because describes my feelings so perfectly about living a healthy lifestyle. Yes I might have ate scoopfulls of cookie dough, and 3 cookies a day, but that doesn’t mean I’m a failure or that I need to give up. I’ll just keep trying till it sticks!

So here I am–back to plugging away again. I totally bombed journalling last week but I will start up again this week. I did keep up with working out however, so here’s what I did for that:

Monday ~ 10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates (this is on Netflix watch instantly in case you have it and want to try it!)
Wednesday ~ Marisa Tomei: Core & Curves
Friday ~ Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

This week the cookies are all gone so it’s back to small plates for portion control, and no night time noshing (on cookies no less, lol)

I also just signed on for my very first 2 week challenge and I’m super excited and a little nervous–wish me luck!

Mamavation Monday: Slow but Sure

This week I weighed in at 135.6, so I’m now, again, finally back down to my pre-Tyler weight once more-now to up the game and get under that ever illusive 130 mark! I worked out 3 times last week even though it turned out to be a crazy week, and I’m excited that I finally found a way of journaling that I’m actually able to some-what stick to by doing it on the Mamavation forums. I was able to NOT night snack all but the weekend thanks to it, too (huge for me!)

This week I will be facing some big temptations–namely lots and lots of get togethers with goodies. There is a Bible Study year end fellowship on Wednesday, I’m hosting a Care Bear party on Friday, and there is a Ladies Cookie Swap at church on Saturday (which I’ll be bringing home 4 dozen cookies…yikes)

SO I really need your help keeping me accountable this week! I’m planning on making healthy-ish snacks for Bible study, having a super healthy lunch and treats (plus Bible study leftovers) for the party here, and for the cookies I’m planning on journaling everything so that way I can avoid inhaling platefuls at a time. Also I plan on freezing all the ones I bring home and having Bob take at least half into work with him once he’s finally in the same state as I am 🙂

I’m really looking forward to the Mamavation TV tonight–it’s about childhood obesity which is a topic that I’ve always been super interested in since Amber has always been in the 100th or more percentile for height and weight–she’s healthy but only because we have had to be extra vigilant on limiting goodies, sugars, and getting her LOTS of exercise since she was a little thing.

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Mamavation Monday ~ Scale # Finally Going Down Again

 So I “pledged” and am now officially a part of the Mamavation Sistahood! Yeyz! I’m really excited about being a part of this community as it seems like a bunch of awesome and encouraging women! So welcome to those of you stopping by and I really am looking forward to getting to know you all ladies!

I missed posting last week because hubby ended up having a last minute off week of work (yeys) so we enjoyed the time as a family before he has to hit the road (and seas) once again.

The good news is that even though having him around totally threw me off my groove I still managed to ditch 2 lbs over the past 2 weeks and am down to 136.2 this week–back on track *once* again! Thanks to the support and new tips I’m really feeling good about it this time though!

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately that’s been helping me change my mindset about all of this. An article I read on HER Social Network that said “80% of your weightloss is on your plate” another article I read in the Boston Parent’s Your Families Health magazine that talked about the fact that you need to look at exercise as a way to get energy, get healthy, and keep your insulin levels balanced–because honestly it takes 2 hours of jogging to burn off 2 chocolate chip cookies so as far as burning calories it’s just a whole lot more practical to NOT eat those empty calories in the first place!

So this week I’m getting serious about my food–specifically again WHEN I’m eating it (I did *pretty* good about not breaking the no food after 8 rule…but it did get broken a few times) and portion control. I have been loving the tips I’m getting–I always fed the kids on salad plates and baby bowls to keep their portions under control but since the middle of last week have switched to using them for me as well–it works great!

Little bowl and plate helps me not to STUFF myself on Nachos

Also I have been doing great about eating salads lately…bbuuuuttt they’ve been filled with cheese and drenched in Thousand Island dressing (yes I’m sure you’re all laughing) I’ve been skipping the calorie packed extras (ham, bacon bits, get the idea) and dipping my fork in dressing before each bite instead of dumping it all over–it actually works great and makes me slow down eating as well–brilliant!

So that’s my update for this week! Looking forward to using this momentum to FINALLY break that 130 mark over the summer!