Clever Family Fun Ideas for Less This Summer

The ever clever Collective BiasĀ® gave me a heads up that I could get great deals through Scott Shared Values and Vudu and they compensated me to check it out! All clever tips, snuggling with hubbies, and silly pictures in paper towel aisles are my own.

Summer should be all about enjoying time together as a family! When you’re on a tighter budget (like our college student with a family budget, for example) it can feel a bit discouraging as you look at how much everything costs. Simply going on a movie date with your hubby will run you around $30 or more if you get snacks and a drink and skip out on dinner—and let’s not go into how much all that would be if you choose to bring along the kids!!

Because of this I’m constantly on the lookout for how I can pair up smart shopping, good savings, and score deals towards fun things for our family whether it means a fun but inexpensive date for hubby and me, or a way for the whole family to have fun together for less!

My first big score this summer was coming up with a perfect way to have a fun dinner & a movie date on a dime!

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